Use Cases

Wayfinding & Directories

Effective wayfinding and directories are vital to successfully orient visitors. With digital signage, you can provide visitors with their current location, maps of your entire location, and ways to find a specific destination.

Wayfinding & Directories

Key Benefits of Digital Signage used for

Wayfinding & Directories

Improve brand awareness
Quickly update information on your maps and directories
Create a professional image
Eliminate customer frustration
Increase employee productivity
Convenient navigation

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Leveraging Wallboard’s Platform

Using Wallboard, both small and large companies are able to manage a network of digital displays throughout one or many different locations with ultimate flexibility on how to manage content.

Benefits of Partnering with Wallboard

Leverage the power of digital signage to take your business to the next level

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Recurring Revenue

Our partner program is designed to help you build more net-add recurring revenue for your business with the flexibility to manage and price it the way you want.

Flexible Management & Support

Choose from a range of different partnership tiers to determine how much direct ongoing support you want to provide to the end user.

Sales Support

Leverage the Wallboard pre-sales and sales teams for help with software demos, proof of concepts and proposals.

Build Your Own Network

Add your clients and sub-resellers to your Wallboard Network to have admin capabilities for these Wallboard users.

Case Study

Learn how Wallboard helped our client increase employee engagement

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